James Hoff & Danny Snelson, Endless Nameless (2009-2010)


Endless Nameless is a one year No Input Books publication by James Hoff and Danny Snelson. The project began in November 2008 as Hoff and Snelson began purchasing used hard drives and filling them with a variety of digital objects in text, image, hypertext, sound, and moving picture. Each of these print-on-demand hard drives is a fully functional archive cataloged by publisher and year. The full listing of poetry books on Eclipse, for example, can be found under folders with names like “Adventures in Poetry,” “Tuumba,” or “Sun & Moon” and subfolders “1965,” “1971” etc. Or an extensive set of mp3s by Harry Pussy might be spread across folders “Audible Hiss,” “Chocolate Monk,” “Whump,” etc.

Endless Nameless presents a double articulation of popular data trafficking along with the material histories of our digitally dislocated artifacts. Cataloging this ‘nude media’ by original source, the book loops these distribution circuits in a nostalgic allegory of publication: celebrating the publishers while disseminating huge amounts of unsanctioned information.

Three years in the making, each hard drive comes with a unique set of curated materials drawn from the No Input Books databank. iTunes sells .mp3 files for $0.99 a song — Endless Nameless comes in various sizes, all priced at $0.99 a gigabyte (roughly $0.003 a song).